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Mike Hall

Mike Hall

Owner , Work Health Safety Consultant and Trainer , MPH Safety Solutions

Are you a Leader ? Whether you are a Business owner with a Team or you are a Team Leader in a busness , the role of the leader is a vital one when it comes to Work Health Safety Leadership . The role of a leader in a work place requires the Leader to make descisions that can have an impact on the Health and Safety of the Team that they are  respondsible for . Now this doesnt mean that the Leader has all respondsiblity , all workers have a duty of care under legislation to work safely and not to affect the health and safety of others .  The Leader also has this obligation and  duty of care .  However if  your Team leaders are not given the opportunity to build strong Safety Leadership Skills , the health and safety of your Team and others could be at an increased risk  .

I would reccomend that a business should risk assess the work health safety leadership in their business . This means , how skilled are your Team Leaders in Health and Safety Managment within your work place ? Do they have an understanding of their Obligations and Duties under Work Health and Safety Legislation  ? Does your workplace have established policies and procedures that give direction to your Leaders in how they can manage Health and Safety in you Workplace on a daily basis ?  If you believe that your Business needs to improve its Safety Leadership , there are some great courses availible that will give them the knowledge to be a great Safety Leader , give Mike a call on 0423004020 and let MPH Safety Solutions help your business to succeed with Safety Leadership .

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